Come Join the Fun!

Camp Beausite offers a unique variety of creative and developmentally appropriate activities and interactions of daily activities and programs for all levels. Campers' activities help to create new friendships, fun, laughter and a break from routines!  Activities include:

Horseback Riding

Saddle up for camp!

On the day reserved for horseback riding, campers awaken to the sounds of neighing and Molly Poolwhinnying echoing through the camp, as the Back Country Horsemen ready their mounts for the day’s activities. Horseback riding is an enormous pleasure for some campers and a new challenge for others. Being up on the back of a horse is a whole new world. "It’s like being on a camel!" one camper exclaimed as she "o-o-o-o-o-ed and ah-h-h-ed" all the way down the trail. For some, petting the horse is enough.

Back Country Horsemen volunteers bring their horses and equipment to camp every Wednesday. There is a minimum of four people with the camper during the ride: the owner who leads the horse down the trail, the camper’s counselor, and at least two experienced volunteers walking alongside the camper. For campers requiring additional support, an experienced person will sit behind the camper to insure safety.  The Back County Horsemen, a partner of the Jefferson Equestrian Association, have been providing this wonderful service for over 17 years!


Spirits are high and the mood is jolly as we roll along on the way from camp to the Port DSC_1587Townsend Public Swimming Pool. Once in the water, the big bags of balls and noodles come out and everyone splashes their way to water fun. For those who find it tiresome to walk or to sit in a wheelchair, floating in the warm water is like heaven. All pool activities are supervised by trained life guards. For those who require assistance to enter or leave the water, a lift is available. Campers who do not swim participate in pool-side activities. Volunteers and staff remain attentive to each camper insuring he or she is engaging in a fun-filled activity. Assistance is given as needed with locker room tasks.


"The wheels on the bus go round and round…" the campers sing as our transport takes us from +Cody and Sage Fishcamp to Port Townsend where three trout ponds await. We spread our blankets under the trees, open the cooler full of juices and prepare to fish. With safety first a priority, all campers wear a PFD while fishing. Here, the volunteers help to cast lines, bait hooks, and net the fish. Every camper who wants to fish is guaranteed (almost always) a catch. We even pack up the fish and send them home with the campers, if they like.

Trip to Fort Worden

+Sand CastleNo camp session is complete without a trip to the beach at Fort Worden! If weather permits, we host a picnic lunch on the sandy beach. Building sand castles, flying kites, and walks on the beach round out the day.  There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy. The beautiful Cascade and Olympic mountain regions that sandwich the fort, make this a picturesque  place to escape and watch nature.

Arts and Crafts

Arts & Crafts are very popular at Camp Beausite NW. The activities begin shortly after arriving at DSC_0508camp. Campers make unique name tags and decorate their own paper bags that will hold their finished projects. Art projects are included in the scavenger hunt, as part of the campers’ daily routine and to support other camp activities. Hats, masks, jewelry, painting and beading are just a few of the projects the campers enjoy.