2021 Summer Camp Sessions

We are hopeful to have summer dates out to you at the beginning of 2021. Thank you for your patience while we consider all aspects of the impact of COVID on our programs, campers, families, and staff.

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We are looking forward to our future and the 2021 season.

2021 Weekend Camp Sessions

We are hopeful to have weekend dates out to you at the beginning of 2021. Thank you for your patience while we consider all aspects of the impact of COVID on our programs, campers, families, and staff.

Registration Details

2020 is a technology building and construction year for CBNW. We are looking towards the future to a fully-integrated camp registration software program that will hopefully be implemented later this year. This process takes several steps and a lot of development.  In the interim we have created fillable PDFs for your registration needs. Thank you for your patience and understanding, while we update our registration process.

  1. All forms are valid for the calendar year. You will need all new forms, including physical and medication forms, completed each year. Please resubmit new forms if any major changes occur.
  2. The physical and medication forms must be signed by a licensed healthcare provider—please make appointments as soon as possible.
  3. Registration confirmation can take up to 14 days.
  4. Confirmation will be made via e-mail, letter, or phone.
  5. All camp programs are respite hour eligible.
  6. Fees can be paid by check or via PayPal.
  7. Please see Cancellation Policy
  8. Please call or e-mail to have a registration packet mailed to you.
  9. Camper's spot will not be secured until the registration form AND $50.00 deposit are received. ALL camp forms due two weeks prior to camp session.

Registration Forms

CBNW has recreated our forms this year in an attempt to be as user-friendly as possible. Please feel free to e-mail or call 360-732-7222 if you have any questions.

Please download the fillable forms below and complete them in their entirety. Once you have completed all of the forms, they are good to be utilized for all of our programs for the calendar year.

  1. Registration Form
  2. Camper Information Form
  3. Camper Physical Form
  4. Daily Living Information Form
  5. Medication Authorization Form
  6. Salish Spirit Release Form
Please complete and submit your forms via e-mail to or they can be mailed to Camp Beausite Northwest, P.O. Box 1227, Port Hadlock, WA 98339.

Weekend Camp Registration Details

  • Weekend sessions can accommodate up to 20 campers, based on staffing
  • Campers must be proficient in their ADL's
  • Campers must be ok with a 1:3 camper/staff ratio
  • Please call for 1:1 ratio availability
  • Weekend camp registrations are due 2 weeks prior to camp
  • Check-in is at 5pm on Fridays
  • Check-out is at 3pm on Sundays
  • Weekend camp fees are $450.00 (includes deposit)

Summer Camp Registration Details

  • Summer sessions can accommodate up to 28 campers
  • Each session can accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs (due to transportation)
  • CBNW will do everything we can to accommodate every camper application into our program
  • Summer camp registrations are due by June 1
  • Registration confirmation will be made via e-mail or letter
  • Check-in time is between 1pm and 3pm on a first-come, first-served basis, wait times will vary
  • Check-out time is at 11:30am on Fridays
  • Summer session fees are $900.00 (includes deposit)

Financial Assistance

Camperships are available to assist with the registration fee for those who do NOT have benefits through DDA, and who are financially eligible.  The number/amount of “Camperships” we provide each year depends on the success of our fundraising campaigns.

If your camp fee is NOT being paid by DDA, and you would like to apply for financial assistance, please fill out and return the Campership Application Form

All Campership Applications are processed on a rolling basis.

Our Campership Funding is based on fundraising each year and varies. Any families are welcome to apply , however, our funding has taken a drastic hit due to COVID-19.

Camp Beausite reserves the right to refuse or cancel enrollment of any applicant, especially if the camper poses a risk to him/herself or others.