Please go to our COVID Policies page and read through all of our policies and procedures that are new to our programs.


Once all registration requirements are met, confirmation emails/letters will be sent out confirming camper session assignment. We will do our best to place your camper in your preferred session.  However, final placement in sessions may depend upon availability and suitability of the camper to the specified session.

Although we can accommodate 28 campers per session, we are limited to the number of campers we can accept, per session, with conditions that require the use of wheelchairs, tube feeding, and other types of specialized care.

While the CBNW Team works tirelessly to provide the camp experience for all, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel enrollment of any applicant, for any reason.

The Camp Beausite Northwest policies and procedures that are covered on this page are …

Camper Assessment Policy

Camp Beausite Northwest works tirelessly to ensure that all of our campers are supported the way that they need, while they are here and attending our programs. It is imperative that CBNW assess all campers prior to their attendance to camp. Most assessments will be completed prior to a camper’s first-time arrival to camp. However, Camp Beausite Northwest will reassess any and all campers on a case-by-case basis in the event of a change in behavior or support needs.

CBNW asks that all families, caregivers, and case managers are aware and supportive of this need. Our primary purpose of any assessment is to ensure that we have the working knowledge to properly support any camper who attends Camp Beausite Northwest. We believe wholeheartedly that the more we know – the better we can support your camper.

Our assessment of a camper can rely on information gathered from some or all of the listed entities below, which includes but are not limited to, the following:

  • Legal Guardians
  • Medical and Healthcare Providers
  • DSHS Person Centered Service Plans
  • School Developed Individualized Education Programs
  • CBNW Registration and Information Forms
  • Police Records
  • CPS/APS Reports
  • Public Narrative on Social Media Platforms

All campers are classified at Camp Beausite Northwest based on their staffing ratio needs on a scale of 1 through 4. Our formula is simple and helps us, at its most basic, to decide on the level of staffing care and the number of staff needed for a camper during a program. Beyond the simplicity of staffing ratios, it supports staff and legal guardian communications and expectations of need.  We have some campers who will always need or require one-on-one staff support and we have some campers whose classifications may ebb and flow based on their own fluctuations. The following is a list of our general classifications for our campers:

Class     Staff Ratio     Description

1                1:1            Camper requires ADL care for all needs
2                1:2            Camper requires ADL care for most needs
3                1:3            Camper requires ADL care for some needs
4                1:4            Camper requires little ADL assistance

Camp Beausite Northwest is incredibly grateful for all of the information that is provided to us in order to ensure the best care and the best support for your camper. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us at your convenience at or 360-732-7222.

Camper Behavior Policy

Camp Beausite Northwest has instituted a camper behavior policy in order to ensure the safety of all campers, volunteers, and staff. It is important for every legal guardian to know and understand that Camp Beausite Northwest has the right to refuse service, or stop service during the program, for any camper for any reason.

Camp Beausite Northwest is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive, and caring environment for all campers, volunteers, and staff. The camp environment and experience is only possible when our camp family is functioning together as one. All of our campers come to us with unique needs that we are dedicated to working to understand and support. (If there is a camper who needs constant behavioral support, we may not be the right fit for your camper.  While we try not to, it is possible that a camper may be sent home during a session due to having support needs that are well beyond our scope.)

We recognize that all campers have unique backgrounds and circumstances. CBNW is dedicated to providing understanding to each of those circumstances and a decision to send a camper home is never made lightly. While CBNW staff are not ABA therapist or RBT trained, our Directors will work with the legal guardian of the camper (as much as possible) to ensure the best support is being given before a decision is made. We ask that all legal guardians support the process that we go through to ensure the well-being of their camper and all CBNW participants. CBNW is currently able to provide behavioral supports such as providing dedicated break-times, quiet corrections, quick redirection, or adult proximity. We are not trained to provide behavioral management, or the on-going behavior modifications needed to control one’s actions or the way they behave towards others.

It is important to note that there are serious situations that may call for an immediate dismissal of a camper from a camp program and property. Additionally, CBNW may opt to deny registration of a camper due to prior history of behaviors that violate the CBNW Camper Behavior Policy. The following are examples of potential incidents or behaviors that are not tolerated at Camp Beausite Northwest:

  • Assault (can include intentional spitting) or injury to others
  • Sexual aggression
  • Nighttime eloping
  • Possession of prohibited items like firearms or drugs
  • Self-harm and injury
  • Property destruction, theft, arson
  • Chronic bullying and threatening
  • Intentional endangerment of others

These situations are always evaluated on an individual and case-by-case basis and can be re-evaluated for camp participation after a period of pre-determined time or a documented change of behavior. Our goal at CBNW is to work with our camper’s support teams to ensure a successful return to camp.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy please feel free to reach out at or 360-732-7222.

Health Screening Policies

CBNW is committed to the health and safety of our campers, families, and staff during all programs. Which is why it is imperative that we implement health screening procedures for all campers and staff at the start of every camp program.

There are a few ways that we can responsibly mitigate the spread of any flu or cold at camp and we are rising to the challenge to protect everyone.

STEP 1:  Prior to coming to camp – if you are sick or have a fever, please call our office to try and reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate you.

STEP 2:  At check-in our nurse and/or health staff will do a routine health check for all of our campers. We will do a temperature check and general health screening. If you have a temperature over 100.0°F you may not be allowed to stay at camp.

STEP 3:  During camp, our Nurse and staff will monitor all camper health. If at any point a camper has a fever or is showing signs of being ill, we will phone home and discuss the next steps.

We are implementing these procedures to insure that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Many of our campers have compromised immune systems, and it is imperative that we act and react responsibly in the care of our camp family.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

Refunds and cancellations can be tricky and we know that there are always all kinds of reasons for needing to cancel. Over the years CBNW has taken on the responsibility of a large annual loss (tens of thousands of dollars each year) due to cancellations and early departures from programs. We have made the incredibly difficult decision to share that burden with our camp family. We will do everything we can to work with you, but we truly need our families to communicate with us as soon as possible when a cancellation is happening so we can work hard to fill that camper space. Thank you for understanding the reality of this policy.

Cancellations 15 days or more prior to the start of program are eligible for a refund or transfer to another program (if available).

  • Cancellations within 14 days are responsible for the full cost of the session.
  • All campers are required to submit credit card information upon enrollment, and the card may be charged if respite funds could not be utilized successfully by CBNW.
  • CBNW is not permitted to utilize DDA funds if a camper does not attend a session or goes home early.
  • No refund will be made if a camper has attended any part of a session, or has been sent home for any reason before completing the session, this includes COVID.

We know that some circumstances are extenuating, please reach out to discuss with us at 360-732-7222. We will do our best to accommodate and create a payment plan.

Emergency Procedures Policy

CBNW has emergency protocols and procedures that we train our staff on and run drills during camp. We have a nurse onsite with us 24 hours a day during all of our programs and our awesome East Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services teams are only a few miles away.

  1. Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend is our hospital and emergency room. This is a small rural hospital and sometimes we are sent to St. Michael’s in Silverdale or in any extreme circumstances, transportation to Seattle to Harborview or Virginia Mason may occur. Families and caregivers will be notified as soon as a situation occurs.
  2. Any individual emergencies will be communicated with camper families as soon as possible.
  3. For any camp evacuations we will meet at H.J. Caroll Park located at 9884 Highway 19 Chimacum, WA.
  4. In the event of an evacuation that occurs that prevents us from returning to camp, all parents and guardians will be contacted by camp staff to come and pick up their campers.
  5. In the event of a catastrophic environmental event, dependent on circumstances, our first line of protocol is to shelter in place at camp. We are far enough inland and high enough in elevation to not be impacted by a tsunami created by a large earthquake event. We will do everything in our power to care for your camper until your arrival. Please be aware that the hood canal bridge may be a challenge to cross, so being aware of the two other alternative routes to get to camp is imperative. Coming up along the hood canal on 101 or in the event that 101 is impassible, driving around to the coast and coming up through Forks and Port Angeles.
  6. Camp has a generator system and food on hand to be able to support our programs for extra days due to an emergency.
  7. In the event that all communication systems are down and we are unable to reach you. It is your job to start (safely) making your way to camp. In the event that camp is not a safe place for us to remain, there will be signs posted with directions to our new location so that you may come to pick up your camper.

Designated Emergency Response Individual Policy

CBNW is hopeful that every camper is able to complete their session with us – that is our goal for them and for you. However, there are many different types of scenarios that can occur that require the immediate pick up of your camper, inclusive of, but not limited too:

  1. Behavioral Challenges
  2. Sleeping Difficulties
  3. Homesickness
  4. Injury
  5. Emergency Room Trips
  6. Hospitalization
  7. Any other things that may come up

Upon communication of these scenarios from a CBNW director, the designated emergency response individual must be available to attend to the needs of your camper within FOUR HOURS of the initial attempt of contact.

If your camper’s primary caregiver or guardian is out of town or unavailable during their time at camp, you must designate a backup individual that is the following:

  1. Has been notified of this status of backup support
  2. Is within a four-hour response time to physically be at camp or any designated location (hospital/ER).
  3. Has the transportation needed to pick up your camper
  4. Will be available to respond 24 hours a day for the duration of your campers stay

CBNW does not implement this policy lightly, however, it has become increasingly needed to ensure that there is a backup plan for these types of situations. After the initial response time has concluded, CBNW reserves the right to charge $100 per 15-minute increment beyond the initial four-hour response time window.

These emergent situations often take several staff to manage the incidents along with loss of sleep, resources, and support for the rest of camp and those staff members primary duties. It is of the utmost importance that you are prepared for a situation of this nature to occur.

Medication Management Policy

At Camp Beausite Northwest (CBNW), the health and safety of our campers are paramount. We have established a robust medication management policy that adheres to industry standards and best practices. This policy ensures that each camper receives the proper care and attention they deserve. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

Original Medication Bottles

  • All medications brought to camp must be in their original prescription bottles.
  • The bottles should clearly display the camper’s name, the prescribing physician, the medication name, dosage, and administration instructions.
  • We are legally bound to dispense medication based on the information provided on the original prescription bottle.

Prepackaged Medications

  • While prepackaging medications in advance is acceptable, it is imperative that the original prescription bottles accompany the camper to camp. Unless these meds have been packaged by the pharmacy and are labeled as such.
  • Prepackaged medications should match the dosage and instructions on the original prescription bottle.

Dosage Changes

  • If there is a change in medication dosage, we require a doctor’s note (email is acceptable) confirming the new dosage, please e-mail with the doctors note or bring the note with you to check in.
  • It is essential for the safety and well-being of the camper and our medical staff, that our records accurately reflect the most current dosage information.

CampSite Registration System

  • All medications, supplements, and vitamins need to be listed in your campers medical profile.
  • Prior to your camper’s arrival, please verify and/or update their medication profiles in the CampSite registration system.
  • As an added level of precaution and best practices, our medical staff will verify and confirm the accuracy of the medication information during the check-in process.

Verification at Check-In

  • During the check-in process, our medical staff will request verification of medication information.
  • Please be prepared to confirm and provide any necessary updates to ensure the most accurate and current records.

Medication Administration

  • You must supply all specialty medication administration supplies for your campers stay at camp: dosage cups, syringes, disinfectant wipes, electronic medication management systems etc.
  • Please take the opportunity to share with us any details that we may need to know that are specific to your campers needs regarding their medication administration.
  • Please provide any needed items for taking medication ie. will only take meds with Gatorade, has to be given in applesauce, etc.

It is imperative to note that Camp Beausite Northwest is not a medical facility or provider. Every campers’ medical needs will be evaluated upon their registration submission. Please ensure that the information that you are sharing is as accurate and detailed as possible. We aim to be able to provide care to as many people as possible, but we also ask that you understand that our Health Center does not have the functionality to support all needs. We only have one medical professional on staff at a time, and their primary role is to be able to care for all the campers and staff. If there is a camper who needs constant medical support, we may not be the right fit for your camper.  While unlikely, it is possible that a camper may be sent home due to having medical support needs that are beyond the scope of our support.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding medication management, please feel free to contact us at

Dietary Needs Policy

At Camp Beausite Northwest (CBNW), we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive dining experience for all campers. Our kitchen endeavors to accommodate a broad spectrum of dietary needs, ranging from life-threatening allergies to personal preferences. However, given the diversity of dietary requirements, we kindly request cooperation from our camp family to ensure a smooth and efficient meal preparation process.

For every meal time, the incredibly HARD-WORKING Food Staff at CBNW prepare meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free meals. We provide snacks and minimal meal alternatives in the form of things like PB&J, Ham and cheese sandwiches, cereal, fruit, and granola bars. If you feel the need to send food with your camper, please limit these foods to prepackaged snacks only, that will be distributed by staff at meals times, as these items cannot live in the cabin with your camper (nature).

Our kitchen cannot accommodate the making of individual meals on top of already preparing five different meal versions at each meal time.

It is our experience that campers, even with significant food aversions, happily eat the options that are given. Please trust this process, camp is always VERY different than home.

*The exception to this policy is when a camper has specific dietary needs that require premade blended foods and feeding tube supplements. 


Please review the following guidelines:

Balancing Dietary Needs

  • Our kitchen staff works diligently to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs during each meal.
  • Considering the limitations of our small kitchen and staff, we encourage families to distinguish between essential dietary needs and personal preferences when making requests.

Freedom of Choice

  • Every camper has the right to choose their food at every meal.
  • No camper will be compelled to eat something they dislike.

Alternative Options

  • In addition to the main menu, alternative options such as fresh fruit, granola bars, cereal, and sandwiches are available at each meal.
  • This provides flexibility for campers with specific dietary needs or preferences.

Consideration for Kitchen Staff

  • Recognizing the effort involved in preparing meals for a diverse range of dietary needs, we ask for understanding and cooperation.
  • Please be mindful of the impact on our small kitchen and kitchen staff when making dietary requests.

Documentation for Dietary Needs

  • For campers with true dietary needs (e.g., celiac disease, peanut allergies), we request documentation in the form of a doctor’s or dietitian’s note.
  • This note will help us verify and better accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Efficient Meal Preparation

  • To streamline the meal preparation process, we encourage families to provide clear and accurate information about their camper’s dietary needs.
  • This ensures that our kitchen staff can plan and prepare meals efficiently.

Open Communication

  • We value open communication with our camp families. If you have any concerns or specific dietary needs not addressed here, please reach out to our camp office.

At CBNW, we are dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive environment for all campers. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines contributes to the overall success of our dining program.

Technology Policy

At Camp Beausite Northwest (CBNW), we recognize and celebrate the diverse needs of our campers. Our technology policy is intentionally flexible, understanding that each camper has unique requirements. We appreciate the collaboration of families and guardians in helping us maintain a supportive and inclusive environment. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

No Technology Encouraged

  • We encourage a no-technology environment at camp to foster engagement with nature and fellow campers.
  • Campers are urged to embrace the camp experience without the use of personal electronic devices.

Flexibility for Communication and Sensory Needs

  • We acknowledge that some campers may use technology for communication or sensory support.
  • Families and guardians are trusted partners in determining the best approach for their campers’ individual needs.

Use of Earbuds or Headphones

  • If technology is brought to camp, it must be equipped with earbuds or headphones.
  • Exceptions can be made for campers with sensory issues related to these items.

Limited Usage at Camp

  • Campers who bring devices are encouraged to use them discreetly during designated rest times in the cabin.
  • This helps maintain a balance between technology use and the immersive camp experience.

Communication Protocols

  • If a camper communicates distress through a call or text home, please communicate this with one of the CBNW directors as soon as possible.
  • The camp office will work collaboratively with families to determine the best course of action to support the camper.
  • Often there are small adjustments or changes that can be made to help support a campers’ needs.
  • We encourage our families to allow their camper to self-advocate and learn important life skills through not calling on their families as a direct resource, but encouraging them to advocate for themselves at camp.

Supportive Environment

  • Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that accommodates individual needs.
  • Open communication between camp staff, families, and guardians is essential to achieving this goal.

Device Storage

  • When not in use, electronic devices should be securely stored in the cabin with the camper’s goods.
  • Camp Beausite Northwest is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any belongings, including electronic devices.

Collaboration with Cabin Staff

  • Families are encouraged to communicate any specific technology-related instructions or concerns to cabin staff or the head counselor.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in implementing this flexible technology policy. By working together, we can ensure that every camper has a positive and enriching experience at Camp Beausite Northwest.

Campership Policy

This policy is designed to maximize the reach of Camp Beausite Northwest (CBNW) by providing financial assistance to campers and families in need. The allocation of Campership funds is intended to prioritize those individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the camp. Our funding changes every year based on the generosity of our donors, community sponsors and grant making foundations.

Eligibility Criteria

Campership funds are allocated based on the camper-to-counselor ratio for each session.

  1. All camperships require a minimum of $100 contribution towards your camp experience.
  2. Campers enrolled at a 1:1 ratio qualify for one full Campership, with a maximum value of $2,100, per year.
  3. Campers enrolled at a ratio of 1:2 and higher qualify for one full Campership, with a maximum value of $600 for weekend sessions and $1,500 for summer sessions, per season (spring, summer, and fall).
  4. If a camper is enrolled in one or two sessions within a season, they qualify for one Campership. However, if a camper is enrolled in three or more sessions within a season, they are not eligible for Campership funding.

Application Process

Families seeking Campership assistance must complete the designated Campership application form, as well as your camper’s registration forms, providing accurate and detailed information.

  1. Our registration team will review applications and allocate funds based on the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 1.
  2. All information provided in the Campership application will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of determining eligibility for financial assistance.

Allocation of Funds

  1. Campership funds will be disbursed directly to the camp on behalf of qualifying campers, reducing their overall registration fees.
  2. Campership funds are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, prioritizing those with the greatest financial need.

By adhering to this Campership Policy, CBNW aims to make the camp experience accessible to a diverse range of campers and families, fostering inclusivity and ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder participation in our programs.