FAQs for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers

Will my child be safe at Camp?

We do all we can to provide a safe environment for our campers. All staff are carefully screened including reference and background checks by State Patrol. Our medical providers are fully licensed and have extensive experience. Our counselors and staff go through an orientation and training before Camp begins. All program areas are reviewed for safety on a regular schedule. All staff members maintain certifications as required for specific program areas. All pertinent counselors and staff meet State requirements for First Aid/CPR training.

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My child has his own professional caregiver who knows his needs. Can I pay my caregiver to accompany him to camp and stay there with him?

The Program Director will contact you upon receipt of the camper’s application to discuss his/her needs and the role of your caregiver.

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What is the staff to camper ratio?

We try to maintain a 2:1 camper to counselor ratio. Campers who require 1:1 care and supervision will be admitted on a case-by-case basis to receive that level of service.

Where do the campers sleep at night?

Campers sleep in individual, brand new twin-sized beds in our brand new bunkhouses, where each cabin accommodates 10 people (campers and counselors). The cabins and central bathroom are wheelchair accessible. The camp is equipped with handicap accessible bathrooms and showers.

If my camper doesn’t want to stay the night(s), can he still come to camp during the days?

As each camper’s needs and abilities vary, the Program Director will review each camper’s application on an individual basis.

Can I visit or talk to my child while he/she is at Camp?

We want what is best for your loved one – Yes. The best time to visit is after dinner, from 6:00 PM to 7:30. Evening guest performers and activities begin at 6:15 PM. This is especially fun on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. when we have our talent show. We also invite you to attend the Camper Awards Ceremony on Fridays around 11:30 AM. If you wish to visit at other times, please call first to confirm we will not be off-campus for a field trip.If you want to check in to see how your child is doing you can call the camp and speak with your child’s nurse, or you can speak with your child’s counselor to get an update. We do not have parent visits during the Camp session.

Do I need to bring my camper’s medical supplies?

What happens if my child gets sick at Camp?

If your child gets sick at camp he/she will be evaluated by the nurses at Camp. Minor medical problems (minor cuts, ear infections, sore throats, vomiting, sprains, etc) can be handled at Camp. Emergency medical care is provided as needed (IV antibiotics for fever, pain medications, IV fluids, etc). If necessary, campers are transported to the closest off-site medical facility for further care. You and your camper’s primary/specialty physician will be contacted by the Camp medical staff with any significant medical issues.

What if my camper has special dietary needs?

All campers are required to submit a “Dietary Questionnaire”  LINK TO FORM with their application.  If any specific dietary requirements are noted, the Questionnaire will be given to our Food Services Director, and he/she will contact you to discuss the details, if required. We often have campers with specific dietary restrictions and/or allergies, so we have experience working around restrictions.

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