Several weeks before camp starts it's helpful for parents or care providers to get out a calendar and circle the big day. You can have your camper cross off each day to help build up the anticipation of summer camp. Talking with them about what an enriching experience summer camp will be also helps build enthusiasm.

  • Homesickness is common, especially with younger children who haven’t spent many nights away from home. Packing security items such as a stuffed animal or comforter can help reduce homesickness. Family pictures are also good items to pack. See Homesickness Tips for more information.
  • Keep a camp binder with copies of all previous forms. This way you won’t have to recreate them each year.
  • Make an appointment for camper physical early. Remember that all forms are due NLT June 1st.
  • Label all clothes, equipment, and other personal belongings.

If this will be the first camp experience, here are some suggestions:

  •  Visit the camp (by appointment only) before your session begins.
  •  Let your camper view the website photos and talk about them with him/her.

Communicate the following to your camper:

  •  Assure your camper you will be checking with camp staff to make sure he/she has everything needed.
  •  Stress that he/she can always let the staff know if needs aren't being met.
  •  Talk about feelings, ask about his/her concerns.
  •  Reassure your camper that the staff will do everything possible to make sure he/she feels safe.
  •  Talk about why he/she is going to camp and what some goals might be: to make new friends, try a new activity, learn new arts & crafts projects, etc.

Our Resources page has more helpful tips!