Wow! Has this been an exciting year or what???

First, thanks go out to the 81 families, who entrusted their loved ones to our care, during our 2015 camp session held in July! We hade a great time, and by all reports so did they.  In addition to our traditional activities, we tried out a couple of new ones this year, including a train ride at Ft. Worden, courtesy of the Port Townsend Kiwanis Club. and a carnival day with traditional carnival games and carnival food.  We were able to make this all happen by the support of our wonderful volunteers. No room to name you all individually, but you know who you are.   A big SHOUT OUT to all of you!!!

Other wonderful news –

Lakeside Industries of Port Angeles paved our paths around the camp to make them ADA compliant. They picked up the tab estimated at $50-60,000, only charging $12,000 for the asphalt.  A donation from an anonymous donor paid for this. The new paths made everything so much easier for staff and campers. Thanks to all who made this possible. You are amazing!!!

Then, at the awesome annual auction held by the Port Townsend Club, we were chosen to be their “Fund a Cause” for the year.  In about 15 minutes, they raised almost $32,000, which will pay for a new roof and furnace for our lodge. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH PT ROTARY!!!!

And then, our three new beautiful adaptive vehicles were delivered to camp in June.  They were delivered by the vendor, and the site of them rolling into camp was unbelievable!!! Words cannot express our gratitude to the donor!!!!!

We have a lot more things on the burner to tell you about in the near future.  Will report back when I have the details.

Stay tuned.

Claudia Edmondson