Is CBNW a good fit for my camper?

We serve individuals with mild to severe disabilities ranging in age from 7–99+. To get a feel for a day in the life here at CBNW, head to our Camp Activities page. Feel free to reach out to speak with a team member about your camper’s needs.

Can I visit CBNW before camp?

Absolutely! Please contact us to arrange a tour. Your camper is welcome too – a pre-camp tour is an excellent way to ease anxiety and homesickness.

When is camp?

Head to our Camp Calendar to view our upcoming programs!

Does my camper need to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

At this time we don’t require campers to have received the COVID-19 vaccination, however we highly encourage it. In accordance with Washington State mandates, a minimum of 80% of our campers must be vaccinated. This means there are limited spaces available for unvaccinated campers.


What paperwork do I need to submit?

Great news! ALL forms are now in one spot. Log in to your (link) CampSite account to begin the process. There are a couple forms that need to be completed by your camper’s licensed provider, which you’ll be able to print and bring to them. Don’t have a printer? Reach out to us, we’ll mail you a copy!

What to pack?

Remember:  Clearly label all belongings. In addition to summer clothing, bring warmer clothing, as it can get chilly in the evenings. Bring: comfortable shoes, personal gear (i.e., toiletries), sweater/sweatshirt, coat, cap and one extra set of clothes (always needed). Closed-toe shoes and long pants are required for horseback riding. You can download the Packing Checklist to bring with you.

Please do not bring

Candy, snack foods, soda or energy drinks, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. No food or beverages are allowed in the cabins.

Talent Show

Get ready to dazzle and be dazzled! On Thursday nights, we have a TALENT SHOW! Our counselors will assist the campers to prepare for this activity during camp, but if you have any ideas, please pack the necessary items needed for the camper and advise the counselor during check-in.

Weekly Themes

Every camp program will have a different, fun, and exciting theme. We will dress up in costumes for every dinner and many of our camp activities will have extra flair and fun wrapped around our camp theme for the week. Please do not feel the need to go out and buy items for the themes. Of course, unless the moment moves you! We will have decorations and costumes and activities based around our themes, but there are no extra expectations regarding campers bringing anything MORE with them to camp.


Check-In / Check-Out

Check-in is on a first-come first-served basis. Wait times may vary, please plan accordingly. No early arrivals please.

WEEKEND CAMPS – Check-in:  6pm Fridays / Check-out:  3pm Sundays

SUMMER CAMPS – Check-in:  2pm Mondays / Check-out:  10:30am Saturdays

No lunch on Mondays

As lunch is not served on Mondays, please make sure your camper eats before arriving, or bring a picnic/sack lunch to enjoy on-site.

COVID-19 instructions

Check-in is between 1pm and 3pm on Mondays and is on a first-come first-served basis. Wait times may vary, please plan accordingly. No early arrivals, please.


What’s my camper up to?

We’ll keep you in the loop! Head over to our Facebook page for daily photos, videos, and stories from camp!

Can I contact my camper during camp?

We encourage families and guardians to leave letters or packages with us on check-in day, for us to distribute to campers throughout the week! We generally do not allow phone calls to or from campers during camp. We want campers to be immersed in the camp life and have found that phone calls tend to exacerbate homesickness.


Can I access photos taken during my camper’s session?

Yes! Click here to head to our photo albums.

How can my camper keep in touch with CBNW?

Check our Camp Programs  page regularly to stay up-to-date on our upcoming programs! Past programs include virtual programs, camp-in-a-box, and t-shirt design competitions!