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Special Diet

If a special diet, dietary restrictions or certain kinds of food are required, please be sure this is noted on your application and the Dietary Questionnaire. Our Food Service Manager will contact you to discuss any special dietary needs and what items you will need to provide.

Physical Examination Forms

There are several health related forms that must be submitted along with your camper’s application: The Physical Examination Form and the Medication/Medical Care Authorization Forms.

Physical Examination Form

Each camper must have a physical examination completed by an approved, licensed medical provider; preferably within the last 3 months before the start of their camp session. Exceptions may be made if the exam was within the last 12 mo., and the camper has had no significant health issues. The Ex. Director must give approval for this exception. The exam must be completed and signed by the health care provider. MAKE APPOINTMENT WITH HEALTH CARE PROVIDER EARLY IN THE YEAR, SO YOU DO NOT MISS DEADLINE!

Prescription and Over-the-counter Medications

The Medication Authorization Form is part of the Medication/Medical Care packet and must be completed by your medical provider authorizing us to dispense any prescription, OTC or herbal medications. Please present this form to your camper’s medical provider at the time of his/her health examination and return to us no later than June 1, 2015.

All medications must be in the original containers. Prescription medications must show the camper’s name, the prescribing physician, date of expiration and dispensing instructions. Please send a five day supply. We cannot process refills. We stock most commonly used OTCs, so please do not bring your own to camp. DO NOT SEND ANY MEDICATIONS WITH CAMPER THAT ARE EXPIRED, OR THAT WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE NEEDED DURING THEIR SHORT CAMP STAY.

During the check-in process, you will meet with either the Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner to review camper’s medical needs and medication. Parent or authorized caregiver must be present for this check-in.

Camp Arrival

crazy campYour camper will be assigned a check-in time. No early arrivals please. As lunch is not served on Mondays, please make sure your camper eats before arriving, or, bring a picnic/sack lunch to enjoy on-site.

Things to Pack

Remember: Clearly label all belongings. In addition to summer clothing, bring warmer clothing, as it can get chilly in the evenings. Bring: comfortable shoes, personal gear (i.e. toiletries), sweater/sweatshirt, coat, cap and one extra set of clothes (always needed). Closed toe shoes and long pants are required for horseback riding.

Dress-up Themes

headerimgEach evening we dress-up in costume for dinner. This year’s camp theme is “Colors”. Please…do not purchase items, just pack some items of clothing, or accessories, that match the colors of the theme. We want this to be a fun activity that is easy and inexpensive for the families. We always have some extras, in case someone forgets.

629Talent Show

Get ready to dazzle and be dazzled! On Thursday nights, we have a TALENT SHOW! Our counselors will assist the campers to prepare for this activity during camp, but if you have any ideas, please pack the necessary items needed for the camper and advise the counselor during check-in.

Packing List

You can download the checklist of items to bring from this web site. Please Do Not bring: candy, snack foods, soda or energy drinks, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. No food or beverages are allowed in the tents.

We do not view TV or watch movies during camp. Please leave your camper’s DVD’s and VHS tapes at home in addition to any iPods, cell phones and portable music devices.

For the safety and well being of our campers, Please leave the family pet(s) home when you drop off your camper.

Departure from Camp

Campers must be picked up no later than noon on Friday. The Camper Award Ceremony begins at 11:30AM and we welcome your attendance. During check-out please meet with the medical staff and collect any medications that belong with your camper. Also, review the Packing List to make sure you have all of your camper’s personal items. No lunch will be served on Friday, so bring a box lunch for your camper.