Our wish list for 2017

As stated on our Ways to Help  page you can submit an unrestricted donation, which means we will apply it to our area of greatest need at the time, or you can specify that your donation be used for a specific cause.  If you choose to make a donation for a specific cause, please note this on the donate page. See the list below for information about specific camp needs.Priority items

  • Freezer. It can be new or used.  Upright or chest. 17-32 cu. ft. If used it must be in good condition.
  • Commercial refrigerator. Must be in like new condition.

Smaller ticket items

Because of the volume of people we serve and the subsequent wear and tear on the equipment and furniture we use, it is necessary that all requested items be of commercial size, and either new, or like new.  Cost estimates are included for the purchase price of new items. Donate now

Please DO NOT purchase, or donate anything without checking with us first.  The donated item/s must meet our needs, space, and capacity requirements.

  • Commercial washing machine. electric, 5.2 cubic feet -  $1,000 - $1,500
  • Commercial clothes dryer, electric,  9.0 cubic feet - $1,000 - $1,500.
  • Tables and chairs for eating area*

*Specifics and costs not yet determined.

This list will be updated as our needs change.

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your consideration!